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Zeljko Z Srdic (1977) is a contemporary hyperrealist artist, comic book artist, Children's book illustrator and a T shirt designer. Z is also notable comic book artist. Z illustrated funny cartoon of an American recording artist, dancer, and actor Usher, Grace Miguel and Tameka Foster for first edition of Tocsin Magazine. Z worked on several illustration projects for highly respected Global independent distribution company Worldwide Distributors representing outside producers, Feature Films and television stations from around the world. His works have been published by NBM Publishing (New York), (Austin/Texas), Broken Bread Christian Alliance (Austin/Texas), and many other European publishers.

Comments by Zeljko Z Srdic

January 18, 2016

Hey there :)

I can do this for you :) Can we continue via e-mail?

My e-mail: ... read more

December 24, 2015

Angel Muro, long time no see :) as you know this part of website is abandoned. Even if the design is finished, no staff is around to proceed the... read more

September 24, 2015

Sorry but nobody will EVER spend their time doing your design if you dont pay. Dont expect nothing unless you are ready to pay.

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