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We are a womam artist owned shop, Yoni Tattoo is a clean, sterile and creative alternative tattoo and body piercing studio with a very friendly environment in San Fernando Valley. Yoni Tattoo has been in the business of custom tattooing and body piercing for over ten years and is proud to be a female-owned professional tattoo and body piercing studio. Your safety is our top priority and main concern. Our equipment is sterilized on a daily basis using hospital medical grade autoclaves. We use brand new needles on each customer which are disposed of as medical waste to ensure the safety of all our customers. YONI TATTOO is a totally custom tattoo studio.
YONI is derived from a Hindu word that describes the feminine creative principle that says: “Let your creativity show through your skin art...” Your tattoo can be anything that you imagine, not just another picture out of a book. Please bring in ideas, drawings, anything that you have and our artists will work with you to make the perfect tattoo for your complete satisfaction. You won't run into anybody else out there with the same tattoo. Because at Yoni Tattoo, Yours is a unique work of art! We also offer complete body piercing services from mild to outrageous with a wide range of professional body jewelry and body modification supplies. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff is happy to make your body modification experience a pleasant and great one. Our artists also work best with henna tattoo. Ask questions about healing and aftercare instructions and we will make sure you leave with all the information you will need. Please take the time to browse through the website and please leave any comments or questions if you would like. Thanks for visiting us and we look forward to seeing you in the studio. Please tell all your family and friends about the shop and website. Yoni Tattoo is located at 18547 Ventura blvd Tarzana CA 91356, just right in the heart of the San Fernando Valley. Proudly serving Mehndi and of course, clients within San Fernando Valley.
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