Tattoo Trivia - Top 20

Published on October 27, 2013 by admin

If you don't love tattoo trivia, you should. It's a great way to impress your friends and score with that inked hottie you're eyeing across the bar. So with that in mind, here's's first ever "I Love Tattoo Trivia Top 20." Answers are at the bottom. See how well you do!


  1. What part of the skin is the tattoo ink in?
  2. "Tattoo" is said to originate from the word tatau; what does this word mean?
  3. Historically, the pagan world practiced tattooing for what purpose?
  4. What four words may tattoo enthusiasts refer to tattoos as?
  5. In what time is tattoo dated back to?
  6. What was the name of the tattooed Iceman they found in the Alps?
  7. How many tattoos did the Iceman have?
  8. What kind of tattoo design did Janis Joplin have?
  9. What is the most popular tattoo design among women?
  10. The Egyptian ankh symbol means what?
  11. What is the current record of tattoos created in a 24-hour period by the same tattoo artist?
  12. How fast does the electric tattoo machine drive the needle into skin?
  13. Who invented the first coil machine for tattooing?
  14. What state considers it a felony if tattoos are performed without a proper and current license or in an unlicensed facility?
  15. What three states recently legalized tattooing between 2002 and 2006?
  16. What are the newer laser tattoo removal machines called?
  17. What are the ways to remove a tattoo?
  18. What were tattoos used for in a time of war?
  19. Who are the most tattooed women?
  20. What use to be used to mix tattoo colors?


1. Dermis. A tattoo is a permanent coloration of the second layer of the dermis, the section that contains blood vessels, nerves, hair roots and sweat glands, with permanent tattoo ink. 2. Tatau is the Tahitian word that means "to beat wounds." It refers to the ancient tattooing practice used in Polynesian countries (it's still alive and practiced today) where bones or tusks were fixed to a wooden stick, dipped in dye, and beaten into the skin. 3. Deity worship. Throughout history pagans have had images symbolizing their deities or other aspects of their religion tattooed on their body that would serve as symbols of protection or fertility. Pagan tattoos today range from zodiac tattoos and religious symbols (pentagrams, crescent moons) to elaborate back pieces of trees depicting Goddess Worship. 4. Tats, Ink, Art, or work. 5. Neolithic. In Eastern Germany half of a clay figure was unearthed that showed what is believed to be tattoo work. 6. The Iceman was named Otzi. 7. 58 tattoos. They were dots and lines along his lower spine, behind the left knee and on his right ankle. X-rays show that he may have had arthritis in these areas of his body and the tattoos were used someway in treating it. 8. Janis Joplin sported a wristlet and a small heart that were done by tattoo legend Lyle Tuttle. 9. Butterfly tattoos are the most popular among women as well as one of the most searched for phrases on the internet in regard to tattoos. 10. The Ankh means eternal life. 11. 415. The record was set on Friday the 13th June, 2008 by Oliver Peck of Elm Street Tattoo in Dallas Texas. The ironic and most interesting thing about Mr. Peck holding the record for the most tattoos in a 24 hour period is that he broke the record of 400 set earlier in the year by his ex-wife, Kat Von D. 12. Eighty to 150 times a second depending on the type of tattoo machine and what kind of tattoo work it is being used for. 13. Thomas Riley used Edison's idea for the electric pen when he created his coil machine used for tattooing. 14. Oregon. In every state proof of age must be shown before obtaining a tattoo but Oregon has some of the most stringent laws in punishment for not following the tattoo laws. However, some may say that South Carolina is worse because anyone between the ages of 18 to 21 wanting a tattoo must have parental consent even though they are legally an adult. 15. New York, Massachusetts, and Oklahoma finally came out of the dark ages and legalized tattooing. Oklahoma was the last of the 50 states to legalize tattooing on Nov. 1, 2006. 16. Q-switch. These laser machines produce a pulsed laser and are used to break up ink pigments where they can be cleared by the body's lymphatic system. It's a very painful process so it's important to think through all your tattoos before getting them. You think the tattooing process is painful? Try getting one removed. 17. Laser tattoo removal, surgical tattoo removal where the tattooed area is actually cut way, TCA chemical peels where the skin is bleached, Fade Away which is similar but more gentle than chemical peals or the skin will be frozen and "sanded" with an abrasive device to remove the layers of skin. 18. Smuggling secret messages. Ancient Greeks would sometimes shave the heads of their slave and tattoo messages on them. As soon as the hair grew back they would be sent off to deliver the message. There are records of Histiaeus of Miletus doing this when he was held captive by King Darius. 19. Krystyne Kolorful and Julia Gnuse both have 95% of their body covered in tattoos. Julia Gnuse, nicknamed The Illustrated Lady, is an American woman suffering from the skin condition porphyria and had her body tattooed to cover it. Krystyne Kolorful is a popular Canadian stripper. 20. Urine or spit because they were easily attainable and worked well as a mixing agent for soot and brick dust that were used for pigments."