Selecting a Tattoo Size

Published on January 18, 2014 by Jodie M

Size Matters

Tattoo newbies usually spend a lot of time picking out a tattoo design, choosing a tattoo artist, and saving up enough cash to pay for their design. Once these important tasks are completed and the time comes to sit down for that first tattoo most people draw a blank when asked “How big do you want this to be?”
For some reason the size of the tattoo is something that a lot of first timers never really consider. Many assume that their tattoo will be the exact size of the design they have found online while others believe that the tattoo artist ultimately decides. The truth is big or small tattoos depend on the design in question and the decision of the future bearer.

My Tattoo is Too Small

A lot of people who get tattoos, especially their first, are terrified of being stuck with a huge tattoo that they can't easily hide. The idea of being stuck with a gigantic, permanent picture that will be present at inconvenient times encourages many to select a small tattoo design. A petite tattoo might seem like the safest route but it isn't always the wisest.
After choosing a beautiful tattoo, allowing it heal, and getting ready to show it off, many wish their tattoo was bigger. This wish often comes as a shock to those who thought they would be spending their lives keeping their tattoo out of sight.

My Tattoo is Too Large

On the other end of the spectrum some tattoo enthusiasts find themselves saddled with huge tattoos that just don't look good. These individuals don't necessarily mind having a large tattoo; they just wish it looked better. This often happens when a tattoo design such as a butterfly, tribal arm band, or something else designed to be a certain width or length is enlarged at the request of the person getting inked.
In many cases large tattoo disasters are avoided by the intervention of the tattoo artists. Most tattoo artists can tell right away if an enlarged tattoo design is going to look ridiculous and don't mind speaking up about it. Of course there are times when the tattoo artist's advice is ignored or, on occasion, not even offered. The way to avoid both situations is to experiment.
When the time comes for you to make your decision keep two things in mind:
  1. Will you be happy with a small tattoo?
  2. Does the design in question look better large?
Both questions might seem insanely simple but the answers will make all the difference in the world.