Tattoo Placement Selection

Published on January 18, 2014 by Jodie M
Once you’ve narrowed your design selection down you’ll need to determine where to place a tattoo.
If this is your first tattoo you may want to start small and select an area that is less painful than others. The most painful areas for men are the abdomen, spine and chest. For women, they include the ankle, spine and ribcage. The least painful areas for men are buttocks, arm and back. Women voice the least pain in the abdomen, buttocks, thigh and shoulder. It’s also important to consider the size of the piece because it should be proportional to the area of the body you will want to place it on. Nevertheless, pain is relative and no matter where you get tattooed you will feel the sensation, so you might as well instead focus on a few other very important aspects of tattoo placement.
Another inkling of advice is that some tattoo parlors will refuse to tattoo hands, feet and the face, which may be disappointing should you have your mind set on any of these locations.
A large tattoo consideration is your social life and career. If you are young and carefree this may not be the most appealing subject to debate, but you really should consider the long term effects of your body art. Will your career or possible future jobs allow you to have visible tattoos? It might be best to choose a discreet location, easily concealable with clothing if need be, so that your body art does not hinder your future lifestyle, career opportunities and goals.
If you know the design you want and feel confident about your tattoo, you're ready to move forward in selecting a tattoo artist for the job. If not- you may want to spend more time and thought on your piece. This is a decision that will last forever and it should not be made on impulse.