How to Get Competitive Price Estimates From Top Tattoo Artists

Published on February 11, 2014 by Naomi V
Create a detailed request for an accurate tattoo request
  1. Pick a Placement
  2. Choose black and gray or color
  3. Choose your detail level from low to high
  4. Enter your rough budget
  5. Type in your title and description
  6. Upload a design if you already have one


Communicating with Tattoo Artists
  1. Invite tattoo artists you’re interested in
  2. Respond to tattoo artists who have posted an estimate
  3. Comment back and forth with tattoo artists about your request
Picking a tattoo artist!
  1. Between the estimates, reviews and tattoo artists’ portfolios, it’s easy to make a decision
  2. Choose your tattoo artist’s name in the drop down
  3. Book an appointment with your tattoo artist
  4. Get your tattoo!
  5. Rate and review your tattoo artist!


Get tattoo price estimates from top artists near you


For more details and illustrations download the complete Guide to Getting Tattoo Estimates.