How to Get The Perfect Custom Tattoo Design

Published on February 9, 2014 by admin
Yes there should be such thing as perfect, especially when it lasts FOREVER. 
To obtain the best tattoo design for you, follow these tips, then create a detailed custom design request and get everything you desire.
  1. Choose body placement
  2. Choose black and grey or color
  3. Choose detail level from low to high
  4. Submit your maximum budget
  5. Type in a title and detailed description
  6. Upload images that inspire you or reference the style you're looking for
  7. Then, publish your request and get responses right away!
From here you can choose to Fund your Request. Benefits to Fund a Request include:
  1. Request moves to the front page of the request list. That means artists will see YOUR request right away.
  2. More chance of our best artists to respond to your request.
  3. You WILL get sketches right away!
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