Bird Tattoos

Published on December 1, 2013 by Naomi V

Bird tattoos are popular among people who choose a bird to symbolize something about themselves. Birds have been used to represent nations so can also be symbolic of one's patriotism for their country. Because most birds fly, the very act of flying can be used to symbolize freedom or letting go of the past. There are different types of birds, some predators, some prey, some fast, some small, big, dark, light, colorful, and many other countless characteristics. Let's discuss the most popular bird tattoos that we commonly see today:

The Eagle Tattoo: The Eagle is a symbol of patriotism in the United States. This tattoo is often seen on military personell and veterans. The eagle is one of the classic bird tattoos that sailors from hundreds of years ago decided to mark on their body to tell their story and their loyalty to their country. This particular bird is large and strong. Its wingspan is huge and it has a fierce look to it. It's a bold choice for tattoo. Eagles are commonly seen on the chest and half and full sleeves.

Bird sillouettes: This has become especially popular among women because the bird sillouette is very elegant and beautiful and is perfect for most parts of the body. It can be a delicate bird in flight, or multiple birds in flight. It can also be combined with a tree or feather sillouette, which makes it look like the birds are flying out of the feather or tree. Birds that are popular for this design are seagulls or crows.

Humming bird tattoos: The hummingbird is a loveable bird that has a cute look to it and beautiful irridescent colors. The hummingbird is able to hover because of its quick wing movement. In many cultures, this bird is considered to be good luck, so to get a hummingbird tattoo can also be a way of carrying luck with you always.

Owl tattoo: The owl is seen as a bird of wisdom and knowledge. Someone who respects intellect and would like to symbolize their own capacity of intellect may choose to get an owl tattoo. This bird has been seen in many different styles including realistic, new school, old school, tribal and abstract.

Peacock Tattoo: If you've ever seen a peacock, it's obvious why someone would want one inked on them permanently. These majestic birds have a presence like no other. Their feathers are amazing and vibrant, and sometimes people choose to get a tattoo of the feathers alone because they are that powerful.

Old School Sparrows: Birds have always been popular, even when most tattoos were created in the traditional or old school style, such as Sailor Jerry. Old school birds were often sparrows, with dark outline and vibrant, yet basic colors. These sparrows were usually seen in pairs on the chest or on the arms.