Angel Tattoos

Published on November 20, 2013 by Naomi V

Angel tattoos can mean many things to many people. Angels are religious icons, but the person wearing the design doesn't necessarily have to be religious. While it can represent one's belief in God and their faith, it can also symbolize personality traits such as strength and purity. Angel tattoos can also symbolize the constant struggle between good and bad. We all struggle with this dichotomy throughout our lives, no matter who we are. Angels are often used to memorialize a loved one, especially a family member like a parent, or a child. Some angels are seen as fallen angels, again representing the wearer and their shortcomings. Angels are also designed in different ways. They can be a temptress or pinup, and can also be a chubby cherub that looks like a baby. St. Michael tattoos are popular and often depict a muscular male with a sharp sword. Angels are often seen fighting the devil or demons. 

Baby Tattoo


Fallen Angel Tattoo


Sexy Pinup Angel