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1493 Bridge St
United States
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Rick Westcott cranks out quality tattoos in a laid back, lounge style atmosphere and is a nationally recognized custom airbrush artist who has been featured in countless magazines and featured on the Discovery Channel Spike TV and more. The vision for this place is to not be another typical tattoo/art studio you've seen a thousand times,,, but a feeling,,, like as a club or lounge that we can all feel a little cooler, hipper,,, baddass by association ,, a place to brag about bein in the know,,, an energy of nostalgia and custom culture,,and ,,,some of the best art this area has seen,,we take every job , no matter how small or insignificant to heart,,a positive, humorous , sometimes crazy, always irreverent hang,,, to everyone who gives a damn ,,, Welcome ,,,, to those who don't yet,,,,,,, you will. - Rick

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