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I started tattooing in 1998 in a small town in South Jersey. I did an old fashioned apprenticeship, with plenty of solder fumes, bleach stained pants, and clown costumes. One thing I was taught early on was that you should be able to do any tattoo that walks in the door. Because of this, I consider myself a very well rounded artist. I can shift from style to style based on client preference. My preferred style is new school; however, I feel equally comfortable with traditional, realism, portraiture, black and grey, biomechanical, and above all else, cover ups. My love for cover ups is based on the very things that most artists find most frustrating about them. They are challenging, unpredictable, and often can’t be planned for in the same way you would with any other tattoo. Every step in my career has been part of a much larger picture, and has led me to open my own studio.
Art Machine Productions is located in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia. It is a 2700sf gallery and tattoo studio, with lots of open space and high ceilings. The decor is relaxed, very zen, and inspired by the dichotomy of modern industrial and Eastern religion. In 2012, I began filming with Magilla Entertainment for TLC’s newest tattoo show, “America’s Worst Tattoos”. On the show, I am one of a handful of artists that covers up a client’s unwanted tattoo with something they will [hopefuly] love for years to come. More information about TLC’s “America’s Worst Tattoos” can be found on TLC’s Website. Please note that I do not have anything to do with casting for the show. All inquiries for the show should be directed to Magilla Entertainment. When I’m not in the studio, I can normally be found in the kitchen or the backyard, hanging out with my family or pets, and making various items of pure deliciousness.

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