Customer Testimonials

Our community of custom tattoo designers is here to help take your ideas from early concept to awesome final art. Here's what some past customers had to say.

Hi, my name’s Ben! Before finding Tatboard I had so much difficulty trying to get my designs out there for people who really appreciated artwork. I used to spend hours trying to get my name out there just trying to get recognized and I was actually on a mission of self promotion that I stumbled across Tatboard. It was in these very early stages when I found it but I recognized the potential as a great platform. Since joining I have designed for so many different people and there’s nothing more gratifying than knowing that people are walking around in all corners of the globe with YOUR artwork on them. The best part of the site for me is how much it’s pushed me to be a better artist. My portfolio’s come along so much, as my technique and style. I plan on  continuing this progression and moving forward with the backing of Tatboard.

Tatboard Testimonial by Benjamin Wright.

by Benjamin Wright

I found by liking a page on Facebook. I really love the idea behind the website, and having a large number of artists to choose from. It was a very pleasant experience. I will use the website again for my next design. I had Benjamin Wright draw up my latest tattoo design entitled Tardis Time. Benjamin is an amazing artist who gave me exactly what I asked for. I couldn't have found a better artist. He did an amazing job and gave me the perfect design. Not only that but he was also very friendly, and professional. He was also very timely in getting the design to me. In the future when I want another design I would love to have him do another design for me.

by Stacey Baakko

Thank you guys for all of your help, it was very nice working with Crowz Eye. He is an excellent artist and I will work with him again. Thank you very much for making my dream design come true.

by Arthur

I'm just speechless... It's exactly what I wanted... I LOVE ALL THE DETAILS and scenery surrounding it. I'm definitely a happy customer and would love to work with you with future tattoo ideas ...:) :) :)

by Romina

Inketteroulette is an amazing artist. I could not be happier. Very detailed beautiful work, great listening skills. Took into consideration all that I had asked for. Overall I'm just very happy and satisfied and can't wait to get this amazing work on to my skin!!

by Jisel

When I first started using the site it was confusing because there was no "click here then here"!! But after I worked with it I found it very used friendly and just an easy site to navigate. I chose benjamin because of his amazing base sketch and also just the fact that he was the only one to message me one on one to ask for specific details about what I wanted! I am extremely happy with the final product and I will definitely recommend this site and Benjamin to anyone I hear talking about a tattoo! Thanks so much!

by Candace Acker

I love using Tatboard as an artist because I get to work with customers all over the world. Every project is completely different, so it keeps you on your toes! I get to work with other artists and we all help each other out. It’s a friendly competition! Tatboard really makes you create better work. It makes you just, excel as an artist, and you get to make money! So, I love it!

Tatboard Testimonial by Naomi.

by Naomi

Hi there my name is Kirsten or Inketteroulette, as you guys on Tatboard know me as… Before joining Tatboard I was really looking for somewhere where I could make a little extra money and improve my drawing skills and thinks like that. I was working as a tattoo apprentice and I wasn’t really getting anything for doing that so after months of trying to promote myself on facebook, twitter, and other social media sites and designing a few things for friends and family, I really wanted to find somewhere where I could keep everything together. All the customers were there already, and it was just a case of speaking with them and really winning any of the designs and getting opportunities to design for them. I had to really comb the internet and it just so happened that there was an advert on Facebook for Tatboard. So I had a wee look at that and it seemed really interesting so I signed up. After a couple of days on Tatboard, I posted my first bid. After a couple of weeks, I did a few more, and a couple of months in, I had successfully made enough money to live well doing my apprenticeship. But also it’s given me the opportunity to improve my drawing skills and my customer service skills, and just improve myself as an artist as well. Tatboard has been a fantastic medium to get my work out there and to meet new people from all over the globe…and really just improve my technique and style to look at different sorts of designs that I’d like to specialize in when I become a tattoo artist. So my experience at Tatboard has been a really positive one and I would totally recommend it to anyone out there that’s looking to become an artist or even to come on to this website and look for someone to design a piece of art for you. Everybody on the website, all the artists, are fantastic people! Really nice, lovely, and really, really talented. So, get your design up there, you never know, I might be designing it for you!

Tatboard Testimonial by Inketteroulette.

by Inketteroulette