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Find the right tattoo shop in the busy and historically significant city of Chicago, Illinois. Chicago is a city that represents the true values of America's working class and the American Dream. With distinct neighborhoods, there are many different tattoo shops to choose from. Chicago is a very passionate city, which of course is known through native Chicagoans undying devotion to their sports teams (which are often the subject of many tattoos for Chicago born ink enthusiasts). Not only filled with sports fans, it's a multiculturally diverse city that is ever evolving, with rich culture and arts, and plenty activities, outdoor and indoor, for residents and tourists alike.

Along with any big, culturally diverse and progressive city of the American working class, is a love of tattoo! Because of its history and many old buildings, you may end up getting ink somewhere that has been there for over a century!

Chicago is filled with artistic inspiration and propelled by quality shops like Deluxe Tattoo, Dinosaur Studio Gallery and Studio, and Fallen Star Tattoo who truly present the art of tattoo as a true art, just as important as any fine art. Which one is the perfect tattoo studio for your next tattoo project? We make it easy for you to find out. You can use the search tool that has a location filter. You can choose what size of a radius you'd like to search from your current location. Choose 25 mile radius or more. After starting the search, a listing page will come up, all with names of tattoo studios, showing our best and Featured shops first. Each listing has customer ratings and reviews that you can trust, high quality tattoo images and photos of the studio, tattoo artist profiles, shop information, shop hours, and contact information. You may also post a tattoo estimate request. After posting a detailed description of what you want to get inked, local tattoo artists will respond with their estimates and information about their shop and themselves as tattoo artists. Either way takes only a few minutes to do. You can do both to truly narrow down where you should get your next tattoo!

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