March 21, 2017
Everyone has their own personal reasons for getting inked and every tattoo has a specialized meaning to the wearer, even if it is a simple, common design. That band logo tattooed on two different people may mean two More
March 11, 2017
For many, tattoos are a symbol of pride. They’re to be shown off, displayed for the world to see. For others, tattoos are personal. They’re to be hidden below clothing, there for the wearer but not for the public. More
March 8, 2017
For anyone who has been involved in the tattoo industry or has even been just a fan of it, the name Ryan Eternal should sound familiar. Originally from Stockton, California, Ryan Eternal has currently set up shop in the More
March 6, 2017
When discussing my tattoos with people I face several of the same questions, over and over. Obviously, the first one is, “Do they hurt?”—a question I personally hate to answer, as I have a pain tolerance of a rhinoceros More
February 27, 2017
Bartending is a serious gig that requires intense people skills, the ability to multi-task, major problem-solving technique, and a "don't f*** with me" kind of attitude. Bartending can go underappreciated by patrons, More
February 25, 2017
Hart & Huntington Tattoo of Orlando is home to many world-renowned artists, and currently, they’re harboring the next big thing in tattooing—Nate Needles.   Nate has been at H&H for just about a year and a half More
February 20, 2017
Tattooing is a specialized skill. Not every artist can be a tattoo artist. It takes a detailed passion and precision which other forms of art do not require. When creating a piece of art upon someone's skin, there is a More
January 29, 2017
*/ Paris, France has dealt with a lot of heartbreak throughout its history. Luckily, heartbreak leads to beautiful art, which also includes tattoos. Known for being one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris More
January 18, 2017
Derek Scott is a beast. This Las Vegas based artist has been making waves in the tattoo industry with his bold use of color and mastery of the popular watercolor style. Whether he is at work or at home, Derek attempts More
January 9, 2017
Almost 20 years ago, I owned a very Bohemian style clothing, art, and record store in downtown San Diego, CA.  Back then, I trusted the best tattoo shop in the most tattooed city in America (San Diego) to get my second More
January 3, 2017
*/ Montreal is a beautiful French-speaking city in Quebec that offers class and fine art everywhere you turn. It is the second largest city in Canada by population and is culturally unique from the rest of the country More
December 28, 2016
What’s better than the gorgeous, tatted women of Suicide Girls and winning free gear? Yea, we couldn’t think of anything either, so we put the two together with our collab giveaway. From now until the end of December More
November 3, 2016
Tattoo culture varies from state to state, but in a place like Ft. Lauderdale--where the weather is awesome year-round and there’s always lots of skin on display--it’s especially important to find the right artist for More
October 27, 2016
If you’ve ever gotten a tattoo, you already know that it takes a lot of trust and faith in your artist. Letting someone jam needles into your skin hundreds of times can be a little daunting, but they’re professionals, More
October 20, 2016
Tattooing has come a long way in the last several decades. No longer reserved for sailors, military, and the undesirable of society, tattooing has become mainstream—a method of self-expression and a testament to More
October 19, 2016
If you’ve ever been in a tattoo shop getting some new ink and thought to yourself, damn, I could really use a head of organic lettuce right now, don’t fear—Whole Foods Market is coming to the rescue!   Reportedly.   More
October 18, 2016
When most people think of tattooed men, they think bad boy. A rebel without a cause, fighting authority and breaking every heart they come into contact with. The cliché tied to these inked men is that they do not make More
October 17, 2016
If you’re looking for a gal that can hold her own, who won’t give in to what others think and can light your fire like nobody else—then a tattooed gal is for you. Don’t believe the stereotypes you may have heard about More
September 29, 2016
We’re living in the 21st century, right? Why continue to play board games when we have been excessively exposed to alternatives such as a Wii, PSP, broadband internet connection and more? Well, the real treat is when More
September 7, 2016
Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that an individual that has a passionate love affair with cars can more than likely talk to you about the state of the automotive industry for days while helping you fix More
September 6, 2016
Back in 1997, MTV released a program with a nerdy, outspoken, anti-social lead character whose integrity in her every action and opinion awakened women to the importance of accountability in their actions. The outsider More
August 26, 2016
It has been almost fifteen years since the world changing incidents on September 11, 2001 that affected families, military personnel, firefighters, police officers, government officials, airline pilots, school teachers More
August 16, 2016
Over the last several decades, the tattoo culture has begun to play a large part in the fashion industry, and likewise, the fashion industry has crept its way into the tattoo subculture. Today, entire collections are More
August 10, 2016
So you’re going to get your first—or next—tattoo! Woo! You’re all pumped, excited for the event. You’ve told all your friends and family, you’ve posted about it on social media, and that’s great! Your tattoo artist More
August 9, 2016
Tattoos and body jewelry make for a natural and happy marriage. Each year, the popular body art company specializing in ear gauges, known as Plug Your Holes, embarks on various music tours and appears at major festivals More