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Voted number one tattoo and piercing studio in Louisville for 2012! Professional tattooing and piercing since 1973, Tattoo Charlie’s has been doing quality custom tattoos at a reasonable price for nearly 4 decades. Whether you want a portrait, traditional, or any other style of tattooing we have an artist to fit your needs. We use Eternal Brand pigments for your safety. These are top of the line and made specifically for tattooing, no mystery inks here. Eternal pigments are cruelty free and vegan friendly, no animal ingredients at all. We have a fully trained staff of piercers that specialize in surface anchors and specialty piercings. We use only American made quality jewelry, never imported costume jewelry like you’d find at a mall retailer.
Names you can trust like Anatometal, NeoMetal, Industrail strength, Body Vision Los Angeles, and Glasswear Studios. We use internally threaded jewelry for your safety and comfort with all of our piercings. External threads tear the tissue causing extra pain, excessive scar tissue, and slower healing. Internal threads go in smoothly causing less pain, less damage to the skin, and promote faster healing. Quality jewelry matters. Please browse our artist portfolios and Facebook page for examples of the quality we offer. All of our artists love to do custom work, large pieces, and cover ups/reworks. We want to earn your business, stop in and talk to a professional today! If you have a design or just an idea come in and we can make it a reality - While -U- Wait!

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