Need some Idea

Geoffrey Hsu
Posted by Geoffrey Hsu Dec 5, 2013

I have a joker tattoo not from the Dark Knight. I think that is way over done so I went with more a twist on it. I am going to put in purple lettering "Killing Joke" most fans of the joker will know what that is from. To the point I am looking for something on my other forearm to balance the art work. I am deciding on Harley Quinn or Batman. The Harley Quinn I am thinking of going with is when she is leaning back into the joker on a famous picture, or Just have her lean in and have her blowing kisses to the joker face on my other forearm. The batman I was thinking is this image from yahoo if you type in dark batman 2nd photo. I like it because it is dark and you cant tell to much of anything. That is where the imagination part of it comes into play. So in short any ideas or photos would be very much appreciated.

Gopesh Bhatt

Looks Awesome