Dragon Tattoos

Naomi V
Posted by Naomi V Dec 2, 2013

Dragon tattoos are a great choice for a tattoo. They are amazing, mythical creatures of fantasy that have many strong and deep meanings. The most popular dragon tattoos are Japanese, Chinese and Celtic. The Japanese Dragon represents the balance in human life, as a yin yang symbol also represents this balance. The Chinese Dragon symbolizes good luck and wisdom. Strength and power are held within the Celtic dragon design. In other European cultures, the dragon was a dark and ominous beast that needed to be slain. 

Dragon tattoos are great for almost any part of the body because they can be depicted as large as a full back tattoo or as small as a tiny wrist tribal dragon. Colors can be completely up to the wearer or artist. They can be traditionally Chinese or Japanese colors, or like the tapestries in Europe or black and gray tones of Celtic design. New school colors and styles can be used instead for a non traditional dragon. This style can even lend itself to a cartoonish or even psychedelic look for the dragon tattoo. Dragons will continue to become more and more popular as not only men get them, but women as well.

This 3D Dragon is a cool way to showcase a dragon design. While it can represent what the wearer chooses, it also gives the effect that it is riding on the back of the collector.


Here's a fierce full back tattoo of a Chinese dragon. Chinese dragons are known to symbolize strength, power, wisdom and luck.


This Celtic knot dragon tattoo wraps around the wearer's arm.


Dragon tattoos can become more feminine looking with feminine elements such as more delicate linework or flowers.


Some wearers may choose a tribal dragon for their dragon tattoo. Tribals are often to accentuate and symbolize strength. This combination of tribal style and dragon icon is a great way to do this!