An Arizona native, I have been tattooing professionally since 2004, I began my career with Dennis and Gina Dwyer. There I learned a lot of the now 'old school' ways of tattooing. Including making needles and tubes, mixing ink, and what I know about cosmetic tattooing. I moved on from there after having my third child, I took a two year hiatus, spent extra time with family and was able to take my art in a variety of directions. Feeling better grounded spiritually and professionally I found my need back into the professional industry of tattooing. I feel that every day that I create I grow into a better artist. Whether it is as a tattooer, a painter, or a sculptor. Just in the last couple years my work has changed. I enjoy tattooing a variety of different styles, but find that realism with a design element is what my art tends to lean towards.
I love doing soft designs, flowers and feminine images, but don't let that fool you... I love skulls and the darker more masculine pieces as well. I look forward to many more years as a tattooer. The lives of those I tattoo are all so interesting, I really love to hear the stories of my clients. I have tattooed house wives, military, nurses, lawyers, bikers, and biochemists. Tattooing allows me to see the world from the eyes of other people. The art I get to create is an added bonus.
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