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AJ Mehrassa
Posted by AJ Mehrassa Dec. 4, 2012 |
Rancho Santa Margarita, California (~2,410M)
Originally posted by AJ Mehrassa

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AJ Mehrassa
AJ Mehrassa

Amazing 3D Tattoo


Awesome 3D work!

Anonymous (not verified)

When doing a tattoo white is usalluy used as a highlight, this is because white is known to fade very quickly. A tattoo behind my ear has white on it and every artist I have been near tells me they cannot believe the white has lasted as long as it has (not even 2 years). I don't think white would look bad or anything, but I do think you should keep in mind that white is not meant to be a shading color in a tattoo but rather a highlight color or mixed with other colors of ink to lighten them.,

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