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At Revelation Ink Tattoo Emporium, anything you want, our artists will provide custom work such as; color, black and grey, traditional, portrait, and realism. We are dedicated to giving you the best tattoo experience possible. From our friendly, energetic environment to our cleanliness to our art. We also offer piercings of all kinds. TRAVIS KELLY I am an award winning artist who has been tattooing for 13 years. I've traveled all over the country doing guest spots and conventions. I also have been published in several magazines. I can do all styles of tattooing, but my favorite styles are color and traditional work. I also can do excellent cover ups, as well as covering scars. This type of tattooing is very rewarding to me because I'm giving people back confidence they lost do to scars or bad tattoos.
Over the last nine years, I have managed several tattoo shops along with training multiple artists who are now award winning artists featured in magazines. RYAN SHEA Ryan Shea is a Tattooer from Atlanta, Ga who specializes in American Traditional, and Neo-Traditional tattooing. He also loves Japanese Traditional, New School, and Black and Grey. He apprenticed under award winning artist Travis Kelley and now works with Travis and Jamone Wright at Revelation Ink Tattoo Emporium. He is a new artist with a timeless outlook on the profession of tattooing that you won't find anywhere else. With his background in music whilst touring the southeast in american metal core bands as well as hard core bands Tattoos have always been apart of his life. So if you're in the north Atlanta area and are looking for your next tattoo give him a call or send him an email to set up your next appointment. Jamone Wright Jamone got into art at a very young age. In 1988 he became a Aerosol Writer, (so-called graffiti art), there is where he began on a mission to explore urban art and the voice of his community and humbly discover the the answer to the question "Why Art". Jamone enjoys doing Script and and all creative style of Letters as if they are apart of him. He also enjoys creating a large scope of characters and illustrations while exploring a catalog of classic concepts. Watch him as he explores new styles and ideas, understanding relevance and art influencing originality. He keeps an open mind by gravitating to all things artistic in nature and or creative to him or others unbiased. Him, he rarely experiences a boring day thanks to his profession in the mysterious art of tattoo. The obvious honest smile he wears displays evil prevails him not after doing a tattoo or from meeting awesome people everyday.

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