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About us- Looking for a custom tattoo? A small tattoo, a large peice or anything in between? The artists at Red Letter Tattoo have got you covered. Looking for a piercing (Lip, Navel, or Otherwise)? We can take care of you. Many Designs and Talented Artists- We have several artists from different backgrounds, with different styles to cover all your tattoo/piercing needs. With many years of combined experience, our artists are prepared to share their knowledge of the art with you. Unique and Impassioned Art- Our tattoo artists are passionate artists in every sense of the word. You will often find them drawing, painting or sketching in their spare time. They do this fo a daily familiarity with the art, but also because of a passion for the art. Be a part of our Community/Family- When you visit our shop you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly atmosphere.
Take a look around at our clean and completely sterile shop. Talk to our Artists and look at their Portfolios. Red Letter tattoo is a family owned business and we will treat you like family.

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