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Phone: (970) 461-5041
1327 N Lincoln Ave
Loveland, CO 80537
United States
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About us- Looking for a custom tattoo? A small tattoo, a large peice or anything in between? The artists at Red Letter Tattoo have got you covered. Looking for a piercing (Lip, Navel, or Otherwise)? We can take care of you. Many Designs and Talented Artists- We have several artists from different backgrounds, with different styles to cover all your tattoo/piercing needs. With many years of combined experience, our artists are prepared to share their knowledge of the art with you. Unique and Impassioned Art- Our tattoo artists are passionate artists in every sense of the word. You will often find them drawing, painting or sketching in their spare time. They do this fo a daily familiarity with the art, but also because of a passion for the art. Be a part of our Community/Family- When you visit our shop you will be welcomed into a warm and friendly atmosphere. Take a look around at our clean and completely sterile shop. Talk to our Artists and look at their Portfolios. Red Letter tattoo is a family owned business and we will treat you like family.

Mike Horman Diane is the mom of the studio-literally. She maintains the office work, and keeps the scheduling and flow of the studio running smoothly. Diane also helps keep the medical grade cleanliness up to par within the studio. She is a huge support to the artists and cliental.
Mike Horman
Go to a real city add save your skin!...
- Anonymous (not verified)
Mike did my phoenix tattoo. It is my first tattoo that can be seen in a short sleeve shirt. I am so happy with the work. Not only did he custom design me the ink, but the shading is spectacular. My next tattoo will definitely be done by Mike. Great price, amazing art and detail, great place...
- Anonymous (not verified)
Coast to coast, I have never experienced a shop like this. I've traveled all over the country, collecting tattoo' and piercings to mark special moments in my life....
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