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My name is Rauno Oidram also known as Keefirivunts. I have been making art since 2005 when i went to Vana-Vigala Vocational School to learn blacksmithing, stone carving and graphic design. After that i decided to go to Kuressaare Vocational School and study design.During drawing lessons i found out that i´m not as untalented as i thought so i started painting and doing graphic portraits etc. I made my first tattoo in october of 2010. There was a raise of interest for tattooing in that time so i decided to try it out myself. I gained as much information as i could from my friends and from The Internet and then bought maschines. After practicing different technics on my own skin i started to decorate other people too.
As it was looking quite good i got an idea to use the practice time of my school to try out working in a tattoo studo, Samael Tattoo. For tattooing i use only the required equipment. All the needles, plastic tubes and cups of paint are for one-time use only. I sterilize all the metal parts in a steriliser. Most of all i like to make realistic tattoos but i can cope perfectly with every wish that customers have, starting from cover-ups and ending with customers ideas that i have to draw out myself. I have also gained lots of useful information about tattooing while practicing in Samael Tattoo under professionals. Owned my own studio in Estonia, Tallinn Old-town Keefirivunts Tattoo Studio.

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