Skull Tattoos

Skulls have been used as icons for centuries and have been used by Pirates in the Jolly Roger flag, warriors, and have been adapted by every tattoo movement and style to date. The image of the skull reminds us of death and how fragile we are as humans. Christian art has represented many of their saints and cardinals with skulls as a constant reminder that one must live a virtuous and pious life. Ancient kingdoms and civilizations would use the image of the skull to intimidate opponents and regarded them as trophies. Some leader went so far as to use skulls as goblets and would drink out of them. The skull is a constant reminder to us that death is present in life and is inescapable. Skull designs can be devious and evil or can be humorous. One could portray the Jester holding the skull in Hamlet or the Jolly Roger. It can also depict Mexican folklore in regards to “The day of the dead”. Regardless of the type or size of skull you choose to tattoo it will always remind us that death is constantly lingering by and will eventually find and catch us.