Samurai Tattoos

The samurai warrior is the ultimate symbol of male courage, honor and justice. The samurai represents the highest male ideals in Japanese culture. Samurai adhered to a very strict code of conduct called "Bushido" meaning the way of the warrior. The principles of this code of conduct were based on the Zen Buddhist principles of Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Trust, Honor and Loyalty until death. Other ideals held up by the samurai was self-discipline, frugality, self-sacrifice and nobility. Samurai tattoos can be used to symbolize these very noble traits and way of living. Usually the samurai tattoo is very large and may be part of a larger Japanese style tattoo that includes koi, dragons, geishas, sakura (cherry blossoms) or other Japanese icons. Full back, full leg or full sleeve placements are ideal for the samurai tattoo.