Indian Tattoos

Indian also known as Native American motifs for tattoos stem from hundreds of different tribes that lived in North America in pre-colonial history. Much of the tradition tattooing has practically vanished in North America because colonization caused indigenous people to leave their native customs and adopt westernized ideologies. Most tribes and clans believed that tattoos were like amulets that provided good fortune and good luck with hunting and gathering. Unfortunately most accounts of Native American tattoos were written and never incorporated designs and images but merely stated that they would mark themselves with distinct patterns. One of the few detailed accounts of tattoos comes from the Haida clans who marked themselves with images of eagles, hummingbirds, frogs, killer whales, and other images that depicted their mythology and traces of origin. Today most Native American motifs include the dream catcher, Indian chiefs, and the spiritual animals associated with Native American culture. These motifs can be combined to create a beautiful piece of ink.