Flower Tattoos

Tattoos of flowers (floral tattoos) and plants can be done simply because they are beautiful designs. But flowers can also carry a lot of symbolism to the person who chooses a flower tattoo. Even the color of the flower can hold special meaning. For example, a red rose would express true love and devotion, while a yellow rose symbolizes friendship. Lotus flower tattoos are very popular in Asian and Japanese designs

Flowers are more than just beautiful. They vary tremendously in size, color, shape, and most importantly meaning. In the Far East the lotus is widely respected while in the west we have the rose. Flowers represent the endless cycle of life, passion, love, lust, and loss. We encounter the different symbols associated with flowers from myths and folklore but flowers have a natural tendency to put a smile on people’s faces. They are given to the sick so quicken the healing process and are brought to remember the last moments of the ones we loved and respected. Flower tattoos can vary simply from the type of flower one chooses to get. But one does not have to resort to one flower, different flowers mean different things and a combination or a bouquet of meanings could be the perfect tattoo! These tattoos can be a simple flower or a chain of petals across a sexy lower back.