Dragon Tattoos

Dragon tattoo designs symbolize wisdom, strength and freedom. They're often depicted as snake-like, wingless creatures with claws and horns.

Dragons are a very ancient symbol and tattoo motif. It is adorned by both sexes and has a mystic aura to them. In ancient Chinese and Japanese mythology the dragon represented the four elements - earth, wind, fire and water – and also the four points of the compass – north, south, east, and west.  The dragon in essence represented the forces of nature. The dragon is depicted as short tempered but can also be docile. The forces of nature are not sympathetic and they are in a cycle that is constantly in motion. The dragon is reminiscent of a primitive reptilian creature that breathes fire and roams the sky. It is possible that ancient Chinese dynasties found fossils and conjured the imaginary beast from the remains of prehistoric dinosaurs. In Europe English, Viking, and Roman armies would wear emblems of dragons to signify their army’s strength and power. The dragon tattoo symbolizes nobility, power, magic, courage, and the ability to overcome anything. Asian and European dragons look different and can be altered to match any design. Dragons are also great for tattoos that curve around the body such as around the arm or the leg.