Devil Tattoos

Devil tattoos are scary and convey evil. Sometimes they symbolize a struggle that the wearer has had to go through and conquer. Hence the term "Conquering one's own demon." Since the devil is commonly known as the ultimate of all evil, it is a very intense character to decide to have permanently inked.

Devil tattoo designs are versatile, sexy open to many creative interpretations. The Devil is regarded as the central embodiment of evil in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity Lucifer was an archangel who was favored by God until he led the angels in a revolt against God. As punishment Lucifer was cast out of heaven. Lucifer then became a symbol for chaos, mischievous behavior, and a predisposition to sinful activities here and there. Tattoos of the devil do not have to be filled with souls being torn apart and a red horned creature glaring through the flames of hell. A devil tattoo can also be a sexy caricature of the devil’s depictions on the hip bone or ankle. They are very versatile and have a lot of room for innovative ideas. A sexier spin on the devil theme would be a seductive and sultry she-devil.