Demon Tattoos

Demon tattoos are scary and convey evil. Sometimes they symbolize a struggle that the wearer has had to go through and conquer. Hence the term "Conquering one's own demon."

Demon tattoo designs are saturated with symbolism and dark imagery. In Christian liturgy demons are lesser evil spirits who follow the guidance of Satan or Lucifer, the fallen angel. Demons are one of the most recognizable figures that are associated with the dark pits of hell and the evil deeds of Satan’s helpers. Demons are depicted with webbed wings, horns, fangs, claws, and dagger like teeth. In other cultures the concept of a demon is not necessarily evil in nature. Japanese culture believes that demons are spirit like beings who possess the power to both help or harm ones household and well-being. Many people in Japan would hang masks of demons for protection and some would even get them tattooed even though Japanese society looked at tattooing as a feature of the lower classes. Demon tattoos are a theme that can be improvised with to add more gore or fantasy like features to the demon figure. One could alter the wings, fangs, or horns for an exaggerated look that will scare any soccer mom from the suburbs.