Cherry Tattoos

Cherry tattoos are one of the most adorable and sexiest tattoos a girl can get. Cherry tattoos are often associated with the feminine form because of their sexual allure and comparison to sex. Cherries are one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated and mass produced dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. The cherry is seen by most culture as a symbol of fertility. When the cherry is ripe and juicy its sweet juices are compared to the first taste of love. When one bites into a cherry it also gives the appearance of blood which is where the famous phrase "popping a cherry" may have emerged in reference to a females’ first sexual experience. When the cherry is ripening on the tree it represents purity and chastity but once it is plucked it symbolizes the loss of innocence and the awakening of a sexual appetite. This lustful and passionate design can be put as a sleek and sexy tattoo on the hip or the ankle or as part of a cherry blossom tree on ones back or shoulder. Either way this is one of the sexiest tattoos a girl can get.