Angel Tattoos

Angel tattoos look stunning and show the world your angelic side. Men and women often get them since they represent devotion, strength and chastity and can provide a sense of guidance. Popular designs include angel wing tattoos, cherubs, the archangels, and the guardian angels.

Angel tattoos are one of the most common and religious icons one can get. There are so many types of angels that one can choose to depict an image of love with cherubs or even an image of war and salvation with the Archangels. Angels are believed to be the anthropomorphic winged messengers of God. Angels are mentioned in the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim faiths and have various depictions. Many symbols associated with the angels are halos, trumpets, swords, and large wings. Angel tattoos do not only symbolize a religious affiliation or a message of faith, but they also convey a message of guidance and protection. As a tattoo it can be a very powerful centerpiece.