1522 Columbia Turnpike
Castleton-on-HudsonNew York 12033
United States
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Art was an outlet for Patsy early on in life, starting with his mother lining the walls of his bedroom with paper to keep him out of her hair. A wild child some would say. He used his love of art to occupy idle hands and a constantly churning mind. Told in school he’ll never get anywhere doodling all day, now at 43 and owner of Fast Lane Tattoo in Castleton, NY, he has a following from lawyers to freaks lining up for a seat. With a clientele of 75% women, it’s always a good day in Patsy’s world. A true rebel with a devilish grin to let you know it’s going to be a wild ride. He can put you at ease and unnerve you at the same time. Patsy likes to ask questions while he works, the kind of questions only a captive audience would answer and you would not believe what people are willing to tell him.
His art work, weather spawn from a nightmare or a soft fluffy fairytale, keeps them coming back. Forever wearing their artwork like a badge of honor, each person leaves with a bit of his sick sense of humor and an unforgettable story to tell their friends about their adventure in Patsy’s chair!

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