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One of the most in demand tattoo service we offer are cover ups. We love doing them and it really means so much to our clients. Today Claire tells us about the cover up tattoo we did on her scarred hand, which turned out pretty well after our session.

“When I was a kid, a vague story about an accident happened in our home. My parents told me that an unintentionally unplugged flat iron has fallen on our bedside. Unfortunately, being 4 or 5 years old that time, the young kid left sleeping on my parents bed was me.

As a young child, it didn’t bother me much that I have this scar and I can’t remember that somebody bullied me about it. It is on my right hand fist, palm size. I was hoping then that when I grow-up it will be smaller as my hands will get bigger, but the scar grows in size as my hand, it expands and I can’t do anything about it.

When I am in the adolescent stage, it started to become awkward as I gained consciousness for my self. Being a young woman, it became my greatest insecurity. Consciously or unconsciously, I started to hide it to be exposed on people. I put it on my pocket, or put my hand behind my back when somebody’s around. A friend once told me “saying ang ganda ganda mo pa naman”. The worst part is, I am right handed so it’s more difficult to hide.

I felt ugly and it had become my nightmare since. Believe it or not, It also constraint me to some opportunities. Back in college somebody encouraged me to apply as a flight attendant. Though I know for myself that I have this liability, I took courage and challenge myself to try. I was thinking, maybe I could hide it some time If I will be accepted. The exams, I passed, the interview passed, height requirement passed 5’4” but… I had no idea that aside from something that I’m not good at which is swimming, they have physical inspection that I fail because they inspect the face, teeth and “arms to the hands”. The most irritating question to me is “anong nangyare?” in front of other applicants. I really felt so small.

But I had to move on and taken all the best opportunities that I can get. I’m a professional now, 34 years old, mother of 2 and my husband has embraced and supported me for all my flaws and strengths but to me… It’s still something that make me feel sad. I consulted a plastic surgeon in UST, he’s willing to augment it at first but on the next visit he discouraged me because the scar is in my busy hand and if the skin graft did not adopt to my skin and heal well, he’s afraid it will be far worst that what it looks. THEN…

My family attended a kids party last Saturday, accompanied my kids to face painting and also had one for myself. When we got home, looking myself in our big mirror it just spurs to my curiosity that what if “tattoos can cover-up scars?”.
I started to do my research at night and had seen images with dramatic transformations and inspired to have one for myself. I look for some tips before jumping in to make sure that I will not regret it since it will be there forever. One mistake can make it even uglier.

It said (1) Know the artist, experience and expertise (2) Look for appropriate design for my image and (3) make sure that the scar has fully healed or at least 3 to 5 years old in age so that It will not shift or shrink.
I have a brother and a cousin that do tattoos as well but I’m not satisfied in their after work. So I keep on looking for artists in Ortigas, near my location. On the list, a female tattoo artist emerged named Frances Arbie, located in Shopsville Greenhills. I called the number and she welcomed all my inquiries and she sent me a link to her photo galleries. The pictures are good and customer feedback were all praises so I was convinced to choose her, plus she’s also a female and I believed that I can be more at ease and entrusting during session.
I feared at first, I know there’s pain and I had hesitation that I might regret it but I’m GLAD I DID! She helped on the layout of floral design and it end up well. The place is comfortable, neat and the procedure follows proper hygiene and sanitation.

If somebody doesn’t know that I had a big scar underneath my tattoo, it’s barely noticeable now. My young boy said to me “wala na sugat mo?”. It’s beautiful now. Need not to hide no more, I felt that my right hand has been given back to me and I’m free from scar nightmares… for LIFE…

Thank you Frances and God bless… You said to me that you put your heart in this, so I put my heart in telling this also…