The Tattoo Regret Trend

The Trend of Tattoo Regret


There’s a new trend and it’s called tattoo regret.


Tattoos are a creative and permanent medium for self-expression. They’re also so common that nearly one fifth of Americans have at least one. It’s no wonder that new tattoo studios are opening all over the country, especially in those cities that had prior restrictions that forbade tattoo shops.


Appointment request with Ray Mulkey

On my right hand above my thumb was suppose to be a heart with dragon head. No detail and can't really tell what it is. Can you fix it and maybe have dragon wrap around my wrist. Still want a heart to fit in somewhere. Dragons face I want color body can be shades of black. Even saw one with dragon around wrist with vines of flowers of deep shades of purple. What u feel best to fix this I'm open. Don't want it really big just enough to show detail. Contact me if questions. What about do u think cost would be or wait to see what u have in mind to do. Thank you.

Studio 28 Tattoos in New York

TJ Cantwell, owner of Studio 28 Tattoos in New York, is about to change your perspective on tattooed people in the workplace.


People often think it’s one or the other: business suit or body art.


So what happens when a tattooed man in a Wall Street suit becomes the proud owner of a tattoo shop?

Change happens.


TJ Cantwell has always been heavily tattooed, but now he wears his art in more prominent locations: past his sleeves and on his neck.