Appointment request with Kings Avenue Tattoo

I would really like to get something on my forearm. I wanted a picture of a beautiful woman sort of being taken over by something (not so much a monster or anything scary but like a disease) My mom has cancer and I wanted to get something for her. I wanted it to wrap around my arm. I couldn't paste anything into this chat but I'd like to see what you guys could come up with. I want something one of a kind and it would mean a lot to get it from you guys. I'm only gonna be in town till the 23 so I'd like to be able to get in and get it done asap.

Appointment request with Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing

I would like to make an appointment for myself and my daughter Jennifer. We would like to have a tattoo of the mother and daughter symbol as well as some shooting stars coming from that symbol. I have pictures of an idea that we would like. We would like to have this done starting on the wrist and have the stars going up towards the elbow (but not to the elbow) I am guessing that the tattoo would be about 8-10 inches long. If you would like I can e-mail the pictures that I have found of a similar tattoo I chose this date due to my daughter birthday.

Nipple Tattoos Redefine Body Art

Nipple tattoos are an artful approach to the healing process after a mastectomy.


Renormalizing the appearance of the breast can provide a survivor comfort and confidence whenever she looks in the mirror. Here’s how many tattoo artists are using their gift to help people recovering from breast cancer or any other breast surgery.


Breast Cancer Statistics

Appointment request with My Tattoo Shop Miami Gardens

an infinity sign with the word love in the loop, the other ending in a feather on my wrist, i would like for it to be fairly small about 2 inches, and I have another tattoo that is missing an apostrophe and need to see if i can have that fixed! The tattoo will just be in black, no color!