Sacred Geometry Tattoo - Decoding The Trend

These days, a new trend has emerged among tattoo enthusiasts, and that is sacred geometry. Such tattoos are certainly beautiful, but is there a deeper meaning to this practice? Sacred geometry refers to patterns and designs that are found throughout nature. These patterns reveal each form's vibrational resonances and symbolize the metaphysical


Military Tattoos

Tattoos have a long history in the military. Sailors in the Navy who returned from China and Japan with hand-inked tattoos played a role in introducing tattooing culture to mainstream America. In 1846, the first permanent tattoo shop opened, and many of its customers in the coming years were military serviceman fresh from the Civil War.


Under the Blacklight: The Scoop On UV Ink

Blacklight tattoos, also known as UV tattoos, are tattoos made using specially devised ink that is visible when seen under an ultraviolet light, or blacklight. For someone reluctant to get a traditional tattoo, perhaps because they do not want to draw attention to themselves, a blacklight tattoo is an option. If someone works in a job or profession where tattoos...

Under the Blacklight: The Scoop On UV Ink - Page 2

Concerns have been expressed over the safety of UV ink tattoos.  There is no evidence to back up suggestions of a link between backlight tattoos and cancer; however, there have been some reports among dermatologists of more adverse reactions in those getting UV tattoos than with more traditional tattoos.  These reactions include infections and skin rashes.  Although a number of UV-reactive tattoo inks have obtained Food and Drug Administration approval for such pu

10 Earth Day Tattoos - Page 3

Beautiful Henna themed world map tattoo


Recycling shows heart!


10 Earth Day Tattoos - Page 2

This fan of recycling has come up with a beautiful way to represent it.


Elements of the earth


10 Earth Day Tattoos

Happy Earth Day 2015 everyone! Earth Day is April 22, every year. The beginning of what we know as the environmental movement started in the 1970's. This is a day to celebrate the earth and take a look at how we can help to conserve the world we live on. With news of global warming, recycling being a part of every day life, and the continued search for more efficient and cleaner sources of energy, environmentalism is something not to be taken lightly.

10 Amazing Inked Women for #WCW

It's that time of the week, and one of our favorite days, Women Crush Wednesday! Here is a list of 10 beautiful inked women to help make your Wednesday a little easier to get through. Got a #WCW suggestion? Tell us in the comment section and maybe we will feature her for next week's #WCW post! 


Without further ado, here are 10 Amazing Inked Women for YOUR #WCW: