Tattoo Gallery in Ferndale Michigan

Ever since he was little, Mark Somo, owner of Tattoo Gallery in Ferndale, Michigan, was a budding artist.


Born in Iraq, Mark learned how to tattoo at a very young age. Although there were no tattoo machines overseas at the time-Mark taught himself how to tattoo at just twelve years old. He used a single needle and ink from a marker to create elaborate works of body art.


Painted Lady Tattoo in Higginsville, MO

Creating some of the best cover up tattoos in her area, there’s not many challenges Cynthia won’t take on at her Painted Lady Tattoo Shop located in Higginsville, MO.

A mother of six children and a tattoo artist of over thirteen years, Cynthia followed her dream and opened Painted Lady Tattoo and serves the entire state of Missouri.

Cynthia even has clients that travel all the way from Kansas to get inked with her colorful and saturated designs.