Ink Un-making Scars

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When most people think of tattoos, all kinds of images and purposes come to mind.  One of course is to proclaim something—from the name of one’s sweetheart, a logo of some band or a branch of the armed services, maybe the portrait of a favorite character from film or television.

Top 10 Trending Tattoos for Guys - Page 5

Submitted by Naomi V on March 24, 2015 - 9:32pm

Great ink can express just about anything. It can even create optical illusions on the body, to make viewers take a second, third, or fourth look to figure out what they're looking at or wonder if their eyes are playing tricks on them.


Tattoos that interact with the body. This tattoo looks almost like it's animated, or moving. A great tattoo artist can create this effect.


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For guys, the chest is a part of the body they like to show off, especially with some amazing ink. These trending tattoos have more to do with placement than with subject matter or style.


Chest tattoo that is fairly symmetrical on both sides of the chest. Usually it is only upper part but sometimes it's a tattoo that takes over the entire front torso.


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There is beauty in ink, even on guys. Don't think just because a tattoo wearer is manly that there isn't a part of him that truly appreciates beauty and art. These tattoos encompass these qualities:


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The following tattoo trends are classic trends that will not die with time. Both are very masculine and can easily express your inner self, whoever that might be.


Animal tattoos are a great choice when expressing meaning through tattoo. Because there are so many different types of animals with different temperments and qualities, you can use one that truly represents who you are, like this fierce lion in the image above.


Top 10 Trending Tattoos for Guys with Staying Power

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If you are thinking about getting a new tattoo, following the current most popular trends can be a very tempting thing to do. Tattoo trends can either be a great idea or a terrible idea. For those trends that burned out quickly, there are many guys that have had to sport a dated tattoo like a meaningless tribal band or Chinese character along with a little bit of regret. This does not include the tribal bands that mean something to the wearer or the Chinese symbols for someone who truly knows the meaning and significance of what it permanently says on their skin.

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Most tattoo trends women can pull off just as well, and often better, than the men. That being said, it's fun to be a girl! Why not express that through ink? The following trending tattoos are those especially for girls. These girly girl choices celebrate the feminine aesthetic and the true joy of being a woman. That's not to say that guys can't also get these, it's just not very common. But if you're a guy that is considering one of these girlier tattoo trends, more power to you!