Tattooed dog

Pet Tattoos and Piercings: Trend or Animal Cruelty?

Have you ever seen or even heard of this unusual trend? Some pet owners get their animals tattoos or piercings. While they might look cool to some, there is a lot of controversy about the practice. Because these are animals, they don't exactly get a say so on whether they want a tattoo or piercing. Not to mention that these processes are extremely painful, especially tattoos because of the amount of time needed.

Full back tattoo

Full Back Tattoos: Big Expression

Full back tattoos are always a site to see. They are large and usually the person proudly sporting one has put a lot of thought into the concept before getting it inked. Full back tattoos get more ooohs and awwws than most other tattoos. It's a huge commitment, obviously financially, but also because this is a large amount of prime real estate when it comes...


Cool tattooed people

10 Reasons Tattooed People are Just Cooler

1. They're not afraid to stand out.

This one is a no brainer. Even though tattoos are not taboo like they were in times past, inked people still stand out more than the in-inked variety. And you know what? It doesn't bother them one bit. In fact, people with tattoos like to stand out. They like to show their uniqueness. If they didn't, they probably wouldn't have gone through the time, pain, (and money) to get the ink in the first place. Now this doesn't only apply to extrovert, outgoing people.

3d tattoos

10 Most Eye Catching 3D Tattoos

3D Tattoos, or 3 dimensional tattoos, are exactly what they sound like. They are meant to look like they are 3D even though they are created in a 2 dimensional, or flat, medium. It takes great skill and a lot of thought and planning to get a 3 dimensional tattoo to be believable. Some 3D Tattoos are technically called a 3D tattoo, but aren't as successful at fooling the eye. Those tattoos are still obviously 2 dimensional.

Workplace tattoos

Hidden Tattoos in the Workplace

It’s the day of your big interview. Sharp haircut: check. Suit dry-cleaned: picked it up yesterday. Shoes polished: Mirror Finish. Piercings removed and tattoos covered: …Hmmm.

Transcend tattoo

Nature Inspired Tattoo Designs


The following nature custom tattoo designs prove that Mother Nature got it right. Ramble through this list of wild and free ideas and get inspired for your own colorful, or black and grey body art. Curious? That’s natural.


Flowers- Flower tattoos are a hot topic no matter the season. Come summertime, exotic blooms such as Plumeria and Lilies make up some of the most requested blooms for sleeve, foot and even back tattoos.

Celebrity tattoos

Celebrity Skin: Public Fascination with Celebrity Tattoos

There are lots of stories about celebrities and their tattoos in the media. A lot of the interest in celebrity tattoos is related to the broader obsession with celebrity culture, as reflected in the endless parade of magazines and television programs focusing on the minutiae of celebrity life.

Tipping a tattoo artist

How Much Should You Tip a Tattoo Artist?

Tattoo artists combine precision, artistry and health care concerns all in one person.  Most people who get a tattoo done will tip their tattoo artist, especially if the piece is large and involved. But how much should you tip? And what are the factors that go into calculating the appropriate amount when you do?
Especially at the outset of a relationship with your tattoo artist, tipping is an important consideration.
Tattooed Brunette

10 Super Hot Inked Brunettes

Seriously, who doesn't love the way a beautiful tattoo woman looks? Tattoos are a way to express who you are inside, and for these stunning women, accentuates the beauty on the outside. For every tattoo on these girls, there is a story. What that story means, sometimes they've opened up and shared it, other times, it's personal and only they and their tattoo artist know the meaning, and it's none of our business! But we have the pleasure of feasting our eyes on the artwork anyway.

What Makes the Best Tattoo?

Perhaps you’ve scrolled through varied tattoo magazines and have seen the magnificent talent that exists in the tattoo industry.

Today, many artists post their tattoo design portfolios on all types of social media, from Instagram, Facebook, and even right here on