Custom Tattoo Design: From Idea to Ink

Working with your artist to get what you want! Having a custom tattoo is an admirable goal, however, it takes more than just great tattoo ideas to make a truly awesome tattoo. You will need a skilled tattoo artist who shares your vision and with whom you feel comfortable. Here are a few tips to help turn your custom design into reality.


Tattoo Machines: Old School Methods - Page 3

With modern automation, today's tattoo machine is simply a fancier version of these tried-and-true methods. Often called a tattoo machine, this tool features a needle or needle grouping attached to an armature bar. The bar is moved up and down by electromagnetic coils at a rate of up to 3,000 times per minute.

Tattoo Machines: Old School Methods - Page 2

One of the most common tattooing methods is called hand-poking, or gently pushing the needle with ink into the skin. Compared to the ‘pricking out’ technique, which involves pushing the needle into the skin and then flicking it out, hand-poking is slower, but less painful.

Extreme Body Modification: Beyond Tattoos and Piercing - Page 3

But let’s be fair. It could also be argued that most of us engage in simple acts of body modification every day but don’t consider it as such. They've become so ingrained in our daily lives that we don’t consider common grooming practices like styling hair, applying make-up, shaving etc, to be forms of modification.

Extreme Body Modification: Beyond Tattoos and Piercing - Page 2

Aside from religious, cultural or aesthetic reasons, extreme body modification is more often about self-expression.  Sub-dermal implants and artful branding may be implemented in order to shock and provoke, head-to toe scarification can be done to create intricate body art on a large scale or to show allegiance to a group or counter-culture.

Tattoo Machines: Old School Methods

With today's fancy technologies, tattoo artists have wonderful tools at their disposal. The tattoo machine, however, has not been around for millennia. How then did the ancient tattoo artists draw intricate, permanent designs on the skin? Most ancient cultures used tools like rose thorns, sharks' teeth and pelican bones to push pigments into the skin.


Design Request

Sailboat half sleeve watercolor tecnique

Requested by Sotiris Tsioutsias Apr 20, 2015 at 12:09pm | Athens, Attiki (~5,141M)

I'd like a 15th century sailboat in watercolor tecnique. Half sleeve. I've uploaded 2 pictures the first one I like more. Thank you.

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  • Placement: Half sleeve
  • Color: Color
  • Detail level: High

I'd like a 15th century sailboat in watercolor tecnique. Half sleeve. I've uploaded 2 pictures the first one I like more. Thank you.

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Girl Tattoos: Expressively Feminine

With tattoos becoming more popular, more women who might not have considered them in the past, are now getting them done. Girls with tattoos these days are not just the rebels or the rockstars. They are young professionals, teachers, lawyers, mothers, even grandmothers! Gone are the days where seeing a tattooed lady meant you were at a carnival or circus.


Girl Tattoos: Expressively Feminine - Page 3

Feather tattoos and any other kinds of bird tattoos are quite popular. Realistic, stylized and silhouetted versions of feathers and birds are done a lot, because they are so elegant! They can be arranged to accentuate a woman's figure so well. These designs celebrate the female form by making it even more beautiful, with ink!