The Lighter Side: The Rising Popularity of White Ink Tattoos

An emerging trend in the tattoo world is white ink tattoos. More subtle than a regular tattoo, a white ink tattoo might suit someone who does not want to aggravate a loved one or family member or who perhaps works in a profession where tattoos are generally frowned upon. The downside of getting a white tattoo done is that even the most experienced tattoo artists

10 Super Hot Inked Models

We all know that tattooed girls are the hottest girls in the world. While the fashion industry may not always agree, there are still very well known inked models out there representing the rest of the the tattooed population. Inked girls are beautiful, rebellious, and edgy. Every one of them has a story to tell, and they're not afraid to wear it on their sleeve, or legs, or neck, or other places that aren't always uncovered.

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A white ink tattoo is typically done in one of three ways.  The first is the stencil method, which involves putting a purple dye on the skin before the inking can begin.  The potential downside of the stencil method is that the artist could mix the dark stencil ink with the white ink, resulting in a tattoo with a permanent gray tint. 

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Another popular form of couples tattoos is ring tattoos for weddings. What better way to mark the beginning of what will hopefully be a life-long commitment than having the special day marked in ink? Wedding rings can be lost, but not a wedding ring tattoo.

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Not only can colors be carried forward from the old design to the new, but also so can the shapes. Circles, squares, floral shapes, and even tribal designs can all be incorporated into the new artwork, to varying degrees of success depending on the artist. The trick is finding something that appeals to you and is the right size and shape to hide the original tattoo.

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Kinda wish this festival goer would have had his shirt off! Looks like he's got some great ink!

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Great leg work but even cooler shorts!

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