10 Reasons Tattooed People are Just Cooler

1. They're not afraid to stand out.

This one is a no brainer. Even though tattoos are not taboo like they were in times past, inked people still stand out more than the in-inked variety. And you know what? It doesn't bother them one bit. In fact, people with tattoos like to stand out. They like to show their uniqueness. If they didn't, they probably wouldn't have gone through the time, pain, (and money) to get the ink in the first place. Now this doesn't only apply to extrovert, outgoing people.

10 Most Eye Catching 3D Tattoos - Page 3

Crazy detail in this "eye-catching" 3D tattoo.


So creepy!


Can't you just hear the gears turning?


10 Most Eye Catching 3D Tattoos - Page 2

Talk about eye catching!


Ouch! So real it instills phantom pain.


Intense portrait based on the movie, 300. I keep forgetting that this is a tattoo.

10 Most Eye Catching 3D Tattoos

3D Tattoos, or 3 dimensional tattoos, are exactly what they sound like. They are meant to look like they are 3D even though they are created in a 2 dimensional, or flat, medium. It takes great skill and a lot of thought and planning to get a 3 dimensional tattoo to be believable. Some 3D Tattoos are technically called a 3D tattoo, but aren't as successful at fooling the eye. Those tattoos are still obviously 2 dimensional.

Hidden Tattoos in the Workplace

It’s a given that some industries place greater significance on maintaining a professional appearance and suitable dress. If you have a role that calls for a lot of customer or client interaction, then there may be standards and expectations that require tattoos to be covered up in the workplace.

Hidden Tattoos in the Workplace

It’s the day of your big interview. Sharp haircut: check. Suit dry-cleaned: picked it up yesterday. Shoes polished: Mirror Finish. Piercings removed and tattoos covered: …Hmmm.

Nature Inspired Tattoo Designs


The following nature custom tattoo designs prove that Mother Nature got it right. Ramble through this list of wild and free ideas and get inspired for your own colorful, or black and grey body art. Curious? That’s natural.


Flowers- Flower tattoos are a hot topic no matter the season. Come summertime, exotic blooms such as Plumeria and Lilies make up some of the most requested blooms for sleeve, foot and even back tattoos.

Celebrity Skin: Public Fascination with Celebrity Tattoos

There are lots of stories about celebrities and their tattoos in the media. A lot of the interest in celebrity tattoos is related to the broader obsession with celebrity culture, as reflected in the endless parade of magazines and television programs focusing on the minutiae of celebrity life.

Celebrity Skin: Public Fascination with Celebrity Tattoos - Page 3

Rapper Lil Wayne has tattoos on his face, ears, shoulders, neck, chest, back, arms, legs, fingers and hands. He even has the words ‘Fear’ and ‘God’ tattooed on his eyelids. Unsurprisingly, Lil Wayne has received a lot of media attention for his tattoos. Maybe his case says a lot about media coverage of celebrity tattoos in general – there is just so much to write about.


Celebrity Skin: Public Fascination with Celebrity Tattoos - Page 2

Soccer star David Beckham has marked various events in his life with tattoos, including the birth of his and wife Victoria’s four children. He also has a large guardian angel tattooed on his upper back and various other designs on other parts of his body. Another star who has celebrated her children in ink is movie actress Angelina Jolie.