The Art of Permanent Cosmetics and Tattooed Makeup

This one is for the girls, as I’d like to save you some time.


While most of us roll out of bed, wash our faces, and tackle the feat of bringing our faces to light, some gals just wake up beautiful. (It’s O.K., don’t hate them. They usually have bad hair, brittle nails, and other beauty curses in which we will not spill.)


The girls who are keeping it real sometimes need a helping hand.


Tattoo Charlie's Tattoo Shop in Louisville, Kentucky

Specializing in Portraits and working magic in cover up tattoos, Tattoo Charlie’s located in Louisville, Kentucky is a welcoming shop chock-full of positive energy.


Seven talented artists occupy the friendly and well-lit atmosphere of Tattoo Charlie’s, all of which have their own art style and niche.

Do you have a bad tattoo that needs some serious fixing? The staff is likely to direct you to Eric, who has commendable experience and skill in redesigning regretful ink.


New School Tattoos at Studio Ink in Danville, KY


“New School” seems to be the most fitting description of Studio Ink, based in Danville, Kentucky.  This means if you want a tattoo with bright and vibrant colors, you’ve found your shop.


Offering a wide variety of artistic talent specializing in colorful tattoos and Realism, Owner of Studio Ink and professional artist Chad Sinkhorn, explains his three other tattoo artists usually put their own touch on any tattoo request that comes through his tattoo shop doors.


Infinity Tattoos

Nothing is as indefinite as an Infinity tattoo. A tattoo trend that's been going on for quite awhile, let’s take a look at all the many reasons people love the Infinity design…as they are endless. (If not tiring for artists who have not yet added their unique spin on the symbol of eternity.)


Popular Tattoo Trends