Appointment request with Gothic City Tattoos

What I want is a 1/4 sleeve symbolization for a few things and I'm not an artist so having trouble thinking of how it would all go together. I am a professional so I need it to wrap around my shoulder and down only about short sleeve length so I can hide it.
Here are the things I'd like included (and I get that it's kind of a hodge-podge):
Jacaranda Tree (represents my husband)
3 turtles (progressively smaller) represents a mother, older child, youngest child
2 butterflies - 1 larger than the other (one with an M and the other with a T somewhere in it)

Tattoo Aftercare Tips

Tattoo aftercare is the last step of the tattooing process, and the first step in encouraging the proper healing of your body art.


Most tattoo artists have their own recommendations for tattoo aftercare, which means things may sometimes seem confusing. It’s no wonder tattoo aftercare is such a widely searched term on the Internet.

You can preserve the beauty of your new art by following these simple and basic aftercare steps.


Tattoo Aftercare Basics