Jersey Artists Thrive at Biagio's Tattoo Gallery

Bringing art and tattoos into a full circle, LeiLani of Biagio’s Tattoo Gallery explains how her shop and Jersey artists are cultivating the next wave in tattooing.


Tell me about your shop and your Jersey artists:

We are an art gallery showcase that also performs tattoos. We have 4 permanent tattoo artists, myself and Biagio included, and a regularly scheduled guest artist , some being International. We are artists first before tattooists, because art is what we focus on.


Now or Never Tattoo Shop in Conyers, Georgia

Grant Loveless co-owner of Now or Never tattoo, an Atlanta tattoo shop, works alongside Chris Huff,  co-owner, artist, and lifelong buddy.  


Grant took a moment to talk about their tattoo shop, Pinterest designs, and beards. (Because they turn just as many heads.) It’s now or never!


Tell me about Now Or Never Tattoo and the shop artists:

You name it and we can do it. From Realism, Traditional to color bomb, Now or Never Tattoo is a 100%custom shop, with no flash designs.


Appointment request with Big Bear Tattoo MO

Hey this is gage, my sister had a tattoo done by you when you were still working out of the basement of your house. great work, well i need a tattoo finished on my shoulder. it was partially shaded and still needs a bit more and some color. some advice on which way the tattoo could look better would be great. im looking for this to be completed in one session so if you could call me to let me know if there is a posistion availiable today at 3 or so

full shoulder, left shoulder, so far just black and grey wanting color

Santa Clara Tattoo Artist Paco Dietz at Graven Image Tattoo

Featured in several International tattoo publications, Santa Clara tattoo artist and shop owner Paco Dietz of Graven Image Tattoo, specializes in custom biomechanical tattoo designs.


I spoke with his partner Lindsay for a moment to discover what inspires Paco’s art and style.


Tell me about your shop and Paco Dietz:

Paco is the sole artist and owner of Graven Image Tattoo, which has been open since 1993 and now occupies a converted Santa Clara loft.