Custom Tattoo versus Tattoo Flash

So you're itching to get a tattoo, and choosing an existing flash tattoo would be the easiest and fastest route. But, is tattoo flash the best choice? The artwork was not created for anyone in particular and chances are, other people have chosen the same exact image and have it inked on them right now. If you're fine with that, then more power to you! Get your tattoo done.

Requested by Anonymous (not verified) Apr 6, 2014 at 11:44pm | Baltimore (~52M)


Flesh Mechanics
Flesh Mechanics
1414 Pennsylvania Ave, Monaca, PA United States (724) 775-1622
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I have three cigarette burns on the top if my left arm, and I would like to get them covered up. I'm not sure exactly what I want the tattoo to be but something a little girly would be cool. Not so girly it'll make me gag and cry but something maybe flowery or something along those lines. I just really need to get the burns covered up, I hate them. It would not be too big, I'm not trying to spend that much maybe a little over two hundred. It's my first tattoo.. I'm not sure if color or black and white would be better but u would prefer color. Ut I guess it depends on the price..

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