feather and birds tattoo

Lettering tattoo

American Bald Eagle Tattoo

Skrat tattoo

Phases of the moon

Browning logo and rebel flag fix up

Flowers and butterflies leg tattoo

Image credit: Mi Familia Tattoo Studio

Body Art - What Makes a Living Masterpiece

Body art is created on the human body. This can mean permanently or temporarily. The most well known type of body art is, of course, tattoo! Other types of body art are body painting, piercings, henna, body airbrushing and temporary tattoos. More taboo kinds are body modification like scarification, subdermal implants, ear punching, saline injection, branding, suspension hooks, just to name a few. The former category are considered taboo because they are less socially accepted and are more unusual.

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Something as simple as darkening and defining your eyebrows can make all the difference in the world in the brightness of your face. Work done by Renee'.