How to Make Customers Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

Anyone who’s tattooed or been tattooed knows the experience is painful. To what degree depends on both personal pain tolerance and of course tattoo placement.


So before you grab the machine and get to work on customer’s skin, how do you make them feel comfortable?


Ease Their Expectations

Tattoo Generator: What You Really Want

When looking for your next tattoo design, it's easy to become anxious and impatient. Along with this demand for tattoo art to fill the growing need, the tattoo generator can be found online, and many versions of it. We understand tattoos are a passion of yours! But the right tattoo take times and patience. While online tattoo generators may be faster, is there really the love and sould that you'd want, included in that generated design?

Top Four Mom Tattoo Designs

Now I don’t know about you but if there is ever a time one of my two boys comes home with their first tattoo, it had better say Mom on it.


No matter your opinion of body art, I believe Mom tattoos are accepted by every parent.


So if you’re easing into the tattoo lifestyle and want a design that scores you a few points before busting out the skulls and daggers, a Mom tattoo is a safe bet.

How to Complain About Your Tattoo Artist Properly

Scrap That Work…What Happens When You Hate Your Tattoo?


It happens. You opt for a new tattoo and end up being unhappy with the finished piece.


It’s one thing to go home and complain about it and quite another to voice your opinion and not allow your artist to fix it. Then there are those happy (yet unhappy) customers, and they are really the best to work with.


Here’s how to complain properly…and why.


My Opinion Matters (I think…)

White Tiger Tattoo Rochester, NY. Tattoo Shop

Tattoo artist Teejay Dill of White Tiger Tattoo in Rochetser, NY. shares her artistic experience in the industry, and the significance of medical tattooing.


Tell me about your tattoo shop in Rochester NY., and the artists:


White Tiger is a custom studio with two locations in and near Rochester NY. We have been in business since 1992 and I have owned the shop since 1993. We currently have nine artists working in a variety of styles ranging from Traditional to Realistic.