Midwest, OK Tattoo Shop A Different Image Tattoo

Owner of A Different Image Tattoo shop in Midwest Oklahoma, Tony Garcia is a firm believer that if you ask the right questions, you can create something beautiful. Working hard and staying humble, Tony believes kindness keeps customers coming back.


Tell me about your shop and the artists:

We’ve been open over 7 years. We actually had to change the laws of the shop when we opened.


Red Ink Tattoos

Rather than opt for a rainbow of Traditional colors or classic black and grey tattoos, some people select simple red ink tattoos.


Is a single color design right for you?


Life Without Boundaries


If you opt for a single-color red ink tattoo that means you’re also going to forgo borders. This tattooing trend is emerging in some of the more popular painted tattoo styles, including watercolor and even white ink tattoos.


How to Find Inspiration for a Custom Tattoo Design

If you want a custom tattoo design, you’re going to need to seek inspiration that you can later feed your tattoo artist for ideas and design planning.

Inspiration may come in the middle of the night, or it may take days if not years to find a muse.

It helps to understand the history and purpose of tattooing before diving into hobby or general interest tattoo designs.

Girly Tattoos: But What Kind of Girly?

Who doesn't love girly tattoos? There is such a wide range of what one could consider girly. From classic damsel in distress, all in pink, girly-girly, to badass, roller derby chick, edgy kind of girly. Because girls all over the world are unique and not one of them are exactly alike, girly tattoos are also unique and can be simple and cute or complex and tough, or any combination of these! Let's talk about the more commonly seen girly tattoos among ink lovin' women!



Ankle Tattoos

Ankle tattoos are a lovely place for girls to get some ink. The ankle is an elegant part of the female body, perfect for a feminine design. Because the ankle is a smaller part of the body, a smaller design should be selected. Don't worry, that still gives the wearer tons of options for this spot! It is also a wonderful spot to get tattooed if it is your first tattoo. It's less painful than other areas, and this part of the body doesn't change as much as other spots, such as the stomach or the thighs.