The Story of My Life As a Tattoo Artist

What's the story of his life?


Body art is an expression of the wearer. Trials, struggles, accomplishments, special  interests, memorials, and love can all be marked  eternally through the art of tattooing.


As we sit in the chair awaiting our artists to bring our visions to life he is honing his creativity to create something masterful. What makes him tick and what sort of person chooses the life of a professional tattoo artist?


Top Five Reasons You Love Pinterest Tattoos

Admit it. You have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. On one hand you have more business than you ever expected, and you've mastered the dandelion flying bird design so well you could practically do it in your sleep. (Which you may have, see last client.)


But there are many small things to love about Pinterest, including the petite tattoo designs. Here's a secret list of why Pinterest sorta makes you proud to be a tattoo artist.


Upside Down Wrist Tattoos...Do or Don't?

Have you noticed the increasing popularity of upside down wrist tattoos?


While some people and artists voice no concern in an upside down wrist tattoo, others are quite vocal.


They want to know why your design isn’t visible to them, and if there’s a valid reason you went against all the rules of tattoo art placement, which should be that the designs are visible to the public.


So what’s a gal or guy to do when his wrist tattoo is taboo? Break the rules if you must.


Figure Flattering Tattoos for Girls

Trompe l'oeil  is a French word that means to fool the eye with illusion, and you can do that with any of the following tattoos for girls.


Body art can either draw attention to or take away from some of your very best assets. Anyone considering a tattoo should hopefully select a design that will also look good on their body. This is where the "art" comes into play.