Ink Side Out Tattoo Fairfield CT


With a team of three professional tattoo artists specializing in color, black and grey and really a bit of everything, Ink Side Out Tattoo in Fairfield, Connecticut offers the enthusiasts of Fairfield County a reputable place to begin collecting their body art.


Utilizing the finest in machines and equipment along with quality inks, the guys at Ink Side Out Tattoo Fairfield take pride in offering a comfortable, clean and professional environment, whether this is your first or one of many tattoos.


Skin Deep Tattoo Shop in Massachusetts

Since tattooing became legalized in 2002, Skin Deep tattoo shop in Massachusetts and its three working artists have been specializing in Japanese, Photorealism, Floral, Black and Grey and Old School Sailor Jerry tattoos.


Tattoo artist Nick Read explains why tattoos are really just an added chapter to an ongoing life story.


Describe a time you where you believe your talent truly helped someone?

Yer Cheat'n Heart Tattoo Shop in Hermosa Beach, California

After fighting to prove that tattoo banning was a violation of  the First Amendment of free speech, Johnny Anderson aka Johnny Two-Thirds,  artist and co-owner of Yer Cheat’n Heart Tattoo in Hermosa Beach, California lifted a city-wide ban on tattoo shops, hopefully paving the way for more artists that will genuinely like people (just as much as Johnny).