The Art of Healing People


Tattoo artists have a hefty responsibility to humanity.


When a customer walks through your doors they are hopeful that your artistic hands will make an eternal mark they can be proud to bear for a lifetime.


Some of these customers come to you as a means of overcoming triumphs. Others simply want to make a fashionable statement and your craft may give them that confidence they feel they lack.


Appointment request with Club Tattoo San Francisco

I have a couple tattoos that need to be touched up. And I'm thinking about having another one of the tattoos is on my left shoulder its all black, second tattoo is on my upper back right side and the purple and yellow are fading in the tattoo so the whole thing needs to be touched up. The black one I want to get color put on the inside but the black lining needs to be touched up.

Appointment request with Screamin Demon Tattoo

I would like this done on my right thigh. Either butterfly or dragonfly, or both, each with a ribbon trailing behind... one being an Alzheimer's ribbon, the other a breast cancer ribbon. Either with daisies or lily's. I have pictures. I know... very girlie, but it's for my mom whom I just lost in December.

I'd like this with Robert please. Looking forward to it. Thanks much