Different Tattoos for Girls

Are you seeking design inspiration for different tattoos for girls?


Perhaps you’re really tired of the cute owls that are perched everywhere, and maybe a bow, dream catcher, feather, dandelion, Infinity symbol and angel wings just aren’t befitting for your personality, lifestyle or interests.


Exploring a new tattoo idea can just be plain hard, especially with the mainstream appeal of tattooing, from hipsters to goth, punk and Librarians, it seems nearly everyone has at least one tattoo.


Portrait of Lucille Ball by Chris Bowman.

Old School by Chris Bowman

Portrait of Johnny Cash by Chris Bowman.

Black and gray moth tattoo by Chris Bowman.

Portrait of Lily Munster by Chris Bowman.

Black and Gray Horror Tattoo by Chris Bowman.

Upper back tattoo by Chris Bowman.

Old school football tattoo by Chris Bowman.

Laurel and Hardy tattoo by Chris Bowman.